Qualified HR professional delivering a quality service.

My role is to help you to align

your principal’s performance objectives to your school charter and annual plan. I help you to meet your legal obligations, including assessing the principal’s performance against professional standards and her/his learning development objectives.

Set your principal up for success.

The first step is goal setting. The principal should know exactly what you expect of his or her performance. The periodic discussions about performance at your board table need to focus on significant portions of the principal’s job, and refer clearly to your school charter. Without a written agreement and a shared picture of the principal’s goals, success for the principal— and your school—is more difficult to identify.

Performance review is an investment in quality.

It has two purposes:
(1) to support your principal’s professional growth;
(2) to make your principal accountable for student achievement. A sound performance review makes recommendations based on the feedback received, and sets you up in a cycle of continuous professional learning.

Work alongside your principal.

The principal has a role in the evaluation process. Your principal will be gathering a portfolio of evidence (that will include the principals’ reports to the board) that shows that she/he is meeting quality criteria. This is not a test, but collaboration on quality.

The process is inclusive.


Typically, I will meet with the principal and/or senior leaders to fully understand what you want from the Together, we review job descriptions or performance agreements, any action plans to meet goals already set, agree how goals will be measured, both during and at the end of the appraisal period, and what documentation will be kept.

I provide a once-a-term review of progress in relation to goals and professional standards.
Sometimes we will agree to survey leaders and teachers about the person being appraised.

I draft a report focused on appraisal goals and professional standards, and then meet with the appraisee to discuss and finalise the report.