Working together means learning together

Communities of Learning (CoLs) support a movement from individual intelligence and school self-reliance to collective wisdom through dialogue and shared action.

Build partnering intelligence.

Independent facilitation supports quality conversations and decisions. I help you to shape ways of working together efficiently and effectively through the forming, storming, norming and performing phases of CoL activity.

Co-ordination is key

I set up digital tools designed for remote networking, help you to plan and schedule your year, and shape collaborative reports for boards and other audiences for your approval. 

Own your achievement goals

A 'learning partner' is a catalyst for your aspirations, a facilitator for your CoL meetings, a support for your Lead Principal, a critical friend to the whole group.  You decide your achievement challenge.  You decide your priorities. I help you to deliver on them.

Tap in to the power of great questions

Design thinking


I can help you to use design thinking to shape questions that open up conversations, questions that move you forward, questions that help you to reflect or interpret or decide what to do next. Finally, I help you to translate your conclusions into action.



The service includes brokering PLD sessions for individuals or teams using accredited providers and experts.  You choose your experts, you remain flexible, we make it happen.  

Approved Partner 


Bernardine Vester is an approved Ministry of Education 'learning partner' connected into the professional network of facilitators able to help you to become an effective Community of Learning.